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Once upon a time i went to a little known town called Berlin. Three times. And there i took lots of random photographs which i developed but never printed… Dear Ilford, for why is your paper so costly? But then, as it happens, a magical scanner was acquired and negatives were imported into the ever so blogable jpeg format. So here’s one.


March 1, 2011

Blogs and projects left rght and centre but, even so, that’s just lazy.

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mendhi and wireless LAN

November 11, 2008

Horse Heads & Lamé Leggings.

September 7, 2008

Random portraiture with a horse’s head. Not a real one though. A rubber mask one. Just so you know, wasn’t some kind of weird mafia type session… just a prop found on eb*y.



Model, Alis Pelleschi. Will add a link to her web-site as soon as i hear back from her what it is!

An open door…

August 26, 2008

I actually had to pluck up courage to approach this slightly open door in a derelict street in Beeston this week, and I have to confess I was relieved to find it was jammed. I got this glimpse inside by sticking my camera right up against the gap. I was shaking like a kid approaching the local “haunted” house, but the result was, for me, worth it… soon this street of back-to-backs, like those nearby, will be gone forever.


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